Snowboard cross training and coaching

Welcome to TORR Elite SBX Team, based in Europe and an access point for snowboard cross training and competition.


Develop your talent and skills in an International team with experienced coaches, then represent your country when racing.

Real coaching

Head coach Martin Divers is also Head Coach at TORR Snowboard school in France. The only SBX coach that has a snowboard school in France, due to the strict criteria of a recognised diploma based education for snowboarding.


Therefore, we ensure cutting edge learning techniques, backed up by sport science literature. Voted of #1 of 13 outdoor activities in Chatel by tripadvisor, this is the real deal.


For you this means rapid advancement, safe learning environments, and new skill sets developed to their potential.

Athletes preparing to compete in a SBX race

Our goal is to get you to the next level of performance, whether it's your first steps competing, or if you are looking to hone your race skills at European Cup level.


Our numbers at a glance

 24  :    7  =  Supervised hours per day in Pitztal, Austria. 

 6    :    1  =  Number of students to personal snowboard coach.

 5    :    7  =  Number of days training per week.

 8    :  10  =  Ratio of athletes that go onto compete at European Cup.

Our camp selection

SBX Camps France

Two snowboarders in action on a boardercross track berm

Chatel, France

SBX Camps Austria

TORR Snowboarding coach being hit by a race snowboard

Pitztal, Austria

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