Frequently Asked Questions

Can I train outside the camp dates advertised?

We understand athlete's commitments, it may be possible for dates outside the official times advertised, get in contact for more details.

Can I train with TORR Elite SBX Team and still represent my Nation?

Yes, you will still be representing your Nation at every day you train and every competition you enter. This is an independent programme, with top level snowboard coaches.

Are there age restrictions?

Training is dependent on ability. However, to compete there is a minimum age restriction at most competitions.

Can you help me to progress and join my National team?

Yes, if that is your goal and you meet the criteria needed to join your National team, we will support your application be selected.

How do I join training with TORR Elite SBX Team?

If you are interested in training, then get in contact. We welcome new training friends from around the World often.

Can I get pro deals or discounts?

Yes, we have a variety of pro deals and discounts with various brands, we're here to help and are on your side.

Can I get funding and sponsored to compete?

All athletes are self funded. However we can help with requests for sports funds, sponsorship documentation and applications. These are generally made after proving your potential at a consistent high level.

Can I pay the SBX season programme in instalments?

Yes. We want participation and to support you as best as possible.

Can my brand sponsor TORR Elite SBX Team?

Yes. If it aligns with our team values and morals then we would love to hear from you. Our athletes are keen for all the support they can get.

If you have more questions that are not here, please get in contact.