Frequently asked questions about snowboard cross / SBX

"Remove a mountain, one stone at a time"

At TORR Elite SBX Team, we realise there are a lot of questions about how to get into this awesome sport. Where 4 people go head to head on track to prove who is the fastest over the finish line on a course filled with great challenges and obstacles.

What is the BIG RAD theory and how is it linked to snowboard cross / SBX?

Simply put, we are building champions for life, through snowboard cross. This is all the good juice of sports psychology, condensed, simplified, and refined.


On each session, we will explore a value from the BIG RAD acronym, how it relates to the session and the challenges that unfolded, on how we overcame it, and how it could be used in another part of "normal" life. Thus, supplying people with mental agility tools, to help be successful in any walk in life.

Is it called boarder cross, snowboard cross or SBX?

The sport goes by all these names, and all of them are correct. Officially called snowboard cross at FIS level, it's then abbreviated to SBX. General slang amongst friends, family, coaches and athletes is boarder cross. 

How do I get into snowboard cross / SBX?

Find a snowboard trainer who you can trust, offering SBX camps, or opportunities to train. Ensure to check that the coaches have the knowledge, the ability, and have a proven track record. Ask to see qualifications and their history of coaching snowboarding. 

Can I compete for my country in snowboard cross / SBX?

Yes, you can if your skill level is high enough to compete in SBX competitions. You can either enter national 'open' competitions, or obtain a FIS level licence, then you will be representing your country. TORR Elite SBX Team specialise in grassroots to Olympic level coaching.

What is the entry level age for snowboard cross / SBX competitions?

FIS Junior Cup levels begins from the age of 15 years old. Before this level, there are various other "open" competitions, usually found locally, that can cater for kids from 7 years old!


We welcome all ages on our SBX training, as is based on ability, and desire, rather than age. 

Can I become a pro rider and get paid to compete in snowboard cross / SBX?

Yes, you can, and we can help with request for sports funds and sponsorship applications. These are generally made after proving your potential at a consistently high level over a length of time.

How do I join a training session with TORR Elite SBX Team?

Decide if you wish to train in France or Austria, how much time you can dedicate to it, and which dates you're available. We welcome international riders from around the world often.

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