1. Is a SBX season programme for me?

If you are open to new experiences, hard work, and love riding then this is an opportunity to become a snowboard professional. You will have the chance to represent your country at race level whilst meeting new like minded friends. Plus, you will sharpen skills for life, from motivation, belief, reducing stress, to learning more around nutrition and fitness.

2. How do I join TORR Elite SBX Team?

If you are competing then get in contact. If it's your first time try our SBX Taster Camp in Chatel, or our Rider Development Camp in Pitztal, from there we will assess your ability and see if it's possible for you to join the team.

3. Are there age restrictions?

Our SBX season programme is for people aged 13 years old and above. At any age you can come to Chatel or Avoriaz and get SBX coaching by TORR Snowboarding. 

4. Is this the British National team?

No, this is not the British National team. Once you meet the criteria to be a World Cup rider you will then be selected to join GB Snowsports. At that time you may choose to continue to have external coaching support from TORR Elite Snowboard Cross Team. Snowboard squads can be found on the GB Snowsport website. https://www.gbsnowsport.com/

5. Can I get to the Olympics with TORR Elite SBX Team?

Yes, and you will still be representing your country. TORR Elite SBX Team is for all International athletes looking for external development and coaching.

6. Can I get sponsorship?

Yes, TORR Elite SBX team has a variety of sponsorship with various brands, from discounted season passes to various equipment and waxes, we're here to help and are on your side. Check our partner page to see who can help.

7. Can I get funding to compete?

All athletes are self funded. However we can help with requests for sports funds, this type of application would generally be made after proving your potential at a consistent high level, like one of our riders, Kyle Wise.

8. Can I pay the SBX season programme in instalments?

Yes. We want participation and to support you as best as possible.


In the European Cup Camp you may pay in 2 instalments and in the SBX Season Programme you may pay in 4 monthly instalments of €1,050.

9. Can my brand sponsor TORR Elite SBX Team?

Yes. If it aligns with our team values and morals then we would love to hear from you. Our athletes are keen for all the support they can get.


Get in contact to see how we can help promote your brand.

If you have more questions that are not here, please get in contact.