SBX Training Camp:1 - 2 weeks

Pitztal, Austria


Track training every day

Track fees included in price.

Every day training at start gates, start sections, rollers or berms.

Full access to FIS Junior Cup track.

Full access to FIS European Cup track.

Full access to Fun SBX track.

Quality coaching

Five full days of direct coaching from the best coaches in the World.

One day of alternate skills training.

One full rest day per week.

Team accommodation

Fourteen nights in  the team self catering accommodation.

Choice of shared room or individual room (supplement + €40 per night).

Girls and boys separate rooms, toilets and bathrooms.

Team transport

Pick up and drop off from local train station in Imst-Pitztal.

Transfer to the glacier each morning.

Return trip to the accommodation every afternoon.

Trips to activities outside of snowboarding.

24 hours supervision

Supervision on the mountain the full day.

Supervision in the evening in the team accommodation.

Supervision to help cook and clean.

Supervision to ensure homework, nutrition and other related goals are achieved.

Video feedback support

Feedback on the mountain, off the mountain and shared to attendees to provide social media coverage.

Social media sponsor support

Attendees tagged, with their sponsors on the social media channels of TORR Snowboarding and TORR Elite SBX Team, shared to Facebook and Instagram.

Dynamic team size

Maximum of six people per coach.

Quality attention to each person and their skill level needs.

Ensured supervision of each person.

Access to wax equipment

Support on how to maintain your snowboard to it's best possible standard. 

Access to all service equipment, such as wax bench, iron, edge files, scrapers, scraper sharpeners and various brushes.

Dates and Prices


Lift pass (dependent on age and duration).

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